Lifestyle and Social Photographer based in Portland, Oregon.

For some, art is personal. Ask the writer about his essays, the designer about her renderings, the illustrator about their sketches. 

But for me? Art is social. 

I’ll blame it on the internet. I’ll blame it on the iPhones and the Instagrams. My generation is made of these pixelated social media things, and my photography is a product of them. I can proudly say that my best professional relationships have come through these online mediums, and I continue to make my best connections through them.

And so I’d like to think my work is destined for these digital corners; ideas, concepts and entire photoshoots translated into successful social media marketing, photography to accompany a client’s website re-brand, visual strategies for food and beverage companies that want images as good as their businesses, their products and their writing. Sometimes my work looks like dinner event coverage destined for an online slideshow, image-driven editorials for publications, or Instagram-ready content. 

I let my clients dream in real life and I capture, edit, and upload the rest.

My talents lie in converting a physical space — be it a dining event, a buzzing restaurant, an intimate wedding — into the digital world. I’m passionate about food and beverage photography. Much of this lends itself to travel photography, another serious passion. 

My name is Cheyanne Paredes. I’ve lived and studied in Arizona and also in Italy and Brazil. I now call Portland my home. I’m a professional photographer, a digital photographer and, most importantly, I’m a social photographer.



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